African hearts

African hearts is a stunning debut novel of faith and love. Let it inspire you to ponder what you might change in the time you have on this earth.


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African hearts is the first book in a series. Book two is in the process of writing now and will be available soon. Sign up for my newsletter and be the first to find out when it will be available.

African hearts is the story of Gina Messina who wants to change her life, but she doesn't know how. Fate steps in and brings her an unexpected gift which she is unsure whether she should accept. Mainly because she is not confident of her abilities. Find out why when you read the story.

Her late brother, Marco, left a trail of unfinished business behind him and this is another one of his loose ends to be tidied up. Will Gina take up her responsibility or will she continue on with her life as she knows it?

What inspired me to write African Hearts?

When I was in grade three at school, Mrs Watson, my teacher, showed me an image of a young African boy standing next to his mud hut. I hadn’t seen a dark skinned person until that day and I was fascinated that people lived in that environment. That image stayed with me all my life.

In 2010 the Watoto Children’s Choir visited the Gold Coast. We billeted two of the children and their chaperone. This wonderful time resulted in us having long chats. I asked Jeremiah what the biggest challenge was for the young people. He said it was their sense of belonging.

I related to this. I lost both my parents by the time I was eight years old. I was lucky. I had an older sibling to care for me. Throughout my life I’ve moved often and have always had that sense of not fitting in. It's been difficult to put down roots, although at last, I feel settled here in Brisbane.

I decided to write African Hearts to make sense of my own life, and also to encourage others that sometimes we put down roots in a place where and when we least expect. This is  what happened to Gina. By facing her many challenges through circumstances she had no control over, Gina found where she belonged.

African Hearts is a story of challenge, faith and love. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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